dirty / sonic / dark / doomish / evol / rock​

An eclectic combo of dirty sonic to dark-doomish guitar riffs, twisted approach to pop melodies, rich and diverse arrangements - Werefox are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Slovenia, made up of experienced musicians with a rich musical background, who slay with their raw and hypnotic energy on stage.


Werefox are by no means newcomers to the music scene, since they are experienced musicians with an impressive concert mileage under their belts. The vocalist Melanija Fabčič - Melée and the guitarist Sašo Benko - Bekko (who is also known for his work in Manul, Bekko, Kleemar´s live band), first crossed paths in the legendary Psycho-Path, who in their 16-year long career released 5 albums and played close to 500 shows all over Europe. After their band split up in 2009, it made perfect sense for them to join forces with colleagues from the regional scene - drummer David Halb and bassist Manuel Hahn who were bandmates in Sphericube and Kleemar's live band. David was also a member of the Croatian Lollobrigida in their most fruitful period. In November 2016 they were joined by guitarist Hannes Jaeckl (of the Sans Secours/Ampersand fame), who is also the producer of their latest album, so they are now a five-piece, which contributed largely to their now even more powerful and edgy sound.

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