grunge / noise rock / punk rock / stoner rock​

SOOMA emerge directly from the core of rock music. Taking a detour would be a complete waste of energy. It is clear where this energy is headed - straight under your skin and deep into your heart. The raw sound, the mischievous presence and the tangible emotion are all embodied in SOOMA's music.

SOOMA, Yannick Consaël (guitar/vocals), Fidel Aeberli (drums) and Amedeo Mauriello (bass), strive to sound in their living room just like at their vigorous live shows, because only on stage does this band really feel at home. It is there where the power of their music unfolds without restraint. It only needs noise and resonance. SOOMA draw the audience towards them, provoking them to surrender to the captivating energy of their live performance. This happens every time because SOOMA never give less than everything to the crowd, through the energy and through their music.

It can be heard on “SOOMA”, the first LP released in November 2017, by the band formed inZurich in 2014, what it is all about – temporally limited experiences of joy, shifts in consciousness, anxiety and pain, but also about love and lust for life. Their sound beats and scratches, but the warmth and rawness of these songs, recorded live on tape, make the record radiate in a unique manner.

SOOMA will make you follow them into a dark abyss, but, by doing so, they will make you feel alive.

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