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hillbilly / afro / funk​

Igralom is a music group from Niš, Serbia, formed by Mladen Marjanović (guitar, back vocals), Dimitrije Simović (lead vocal, bass guitar) and Marko Tomović (drums, percussion), in June, 2015. From the very beginning, the group`s sound and groove were primarily oriented towards music of West Africa, namely - desert blues from Sahara. There is also an enormous influence of rock `n` roll and alternative  music, especially Serbian new wave. 

Due to a performance on MENT festival in Ljubljana, in 2018., MENT PR crew shared this:
“Imagine Repetitor and Tinariwen meeting at a gas station in southern Serbia – and starting to jam. The trio of exceptional instrumentalists has developed its very own blend of first-class Hendrix/Cream-inspired blues rock, raw, expressive Serbian rock ‘n’ roll, and West African rhythm and harmony tradition.”


After only three months of existing as a band, Igralom recorded their debut album Pogrešna Poznanstva (free transl.: “Wrong Kind Of Acquaintances”), in Vrbas (SRB), in the studio named Šamarčina.  The album was released on 6th May 2016, for Rock Svirke Records from Serbia.

This energetic trio has played over 70 live performances by now; they have played all across Serbia (Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Kruševac, Užice, Pirot, Leskovac, Aleksinac...), and abroad as well (Sofia, Skopje, Zagreb, Rijeka, Sućuraj, Drvenik, Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Galati, Milano...), and they have shared the stage with many great artists (Disciplin A Kitschme, Hugo Race & The Fatalists, King Ayisoba, Dirtmusic, My Baby, Matushka, Repetitor, Artan Lili, Nikola Vranjković, etc.).

Throughout 2017, Igralom was actively and engagedly working on a second album “Sunovrat”, with a lot of help from an artist and a producer Chris Eckman (Glitterbeat Records/Dirtmusic). “Sunovrat” was released on 17th September 2019, by two cooperating publishers: Ammonite Records (SRB) and Geenger Records (CRO/SLO), both on vinyl and CD. 
At the beginning of 2018, Igralom has brought in a new band member: Darko Urošević (ex- Goribor) on drums and percussion, but shortly after Darko, Ivan Cvetković Ivši (ex - Fish in Oil, ex - Popečitelji, Ti Fafa i ja, Milan Petković Trio, Alhambra, etc.) joined the group, and he is now the official drummer of the band.

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