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blues / rock​

Egypt one of the hardest working bands on the circuit today has been on the road constantly for over 25 years. 

All three members have played with the GROUNDHOGS:


Alan Fish -Bass/vocals


Alan has been playing since 1960 although a lead guitarist with and alongside many name artists all over the world, these include, Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who, Kinks, Manfred Mann, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Chuck Berry, Free & Status Quo & Nazareth.


Eric Chipulina-Guitar/vocals


Eric has played in many bands in his home country Gibraltar before moving to London where he met up with Alan and helped to form Egypt. Eric also played in the Groundhogs.


Peter Correa-Drums


Eric Chipulina is one of the UKs top slide guitar players and has a truly exciting and dynamic guitar style that has to be seen to be believed. Using no effect pedals save a wah wah, his Gibson Les Paul and Marshall amp, he puts a lot of guitarists in the shade who rely on effects pedals to produce a decent sound.


Alan Fish and Peter Correa provide the perfect solid rhythm section with the no-frills drumming and plodding solid bass patterns needed in a blues-rock' three-piece power trio that is truly Blues on the Edge.

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