dub / reggae / crossover band


Conquering Lion, a concept that exist 15 years and get more and more fans couse of their energy and approach to music


In October 2009 the band release his first album (LP) simply titled as “I” for PMG Recordings on which you can hear 10 songs including the collaboration with the Jamaican artist Jah Clarity on the song “Jah Love”. Until now, besides the performances through Macedonia, the band has performed in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Kosovo. The second album was released on 26th of August 2011 and after that the band toured the Balkan from 1st to 25th of September.

Until now Conquering Lion has performed with some bigger names in the reggae scene like Manu Chao, Gentleman, Ras Zacharri, Donald Minott, Hornsman Coyote...

This year they are nominated for GRAMMY AWARD for best reggae album

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