CATNAPP (booking only for South Eastern Europe)


R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop, drum & bass ​

Catnapp is the guise of Argentinian artist Amparo Battaglia. She combines R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop, drum and bass and other genres resulting in an intense and nostalgic atmosphere with heavy beats. In her lyrics, she speaks about love, anger, and hate, but also about fear, darkness and nightmarish memories. Her music can go from the simplest 4/4 beat to broken experimental percussion with deep, huge pads and synths, resulting in a unique and original sound. Now based in Berlin, Catnapp is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having started in 2010, Catnapp continuously mutates and evolves.


After (in 2017) founding her own label ‘NAPP Records’, she released the EPs “Fear” and “No Cover” in 2018 on Monkeytown, followed (in 2019) by the album “BREAK”, including the collaboration with Modeselektor for “The Mover”.


Having released 6 EPs, 4 LPs, 2 Remix Albums and 3 Singles, she performed, among others, at Berghain, Boiler Room, Fusion, Melt, Secret Garden Party, Latitude Festival, ARS Electronica and will go on an extended album tour worldwide this year.

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