Bernays Propaganda 


Danceable post-punk fanatics Bernays Propaganda is one of the regions' currently most successful and internationally recognized music acts from Macedonia. They released 4 full-lengths on Moonlee Records (Happiness Machines, 2009; My Personal Holiday, 2010; Zabraneta Planeta, 2013; Politika, 2016), toured Europe many times (more than 100 concerts all over Europe in 2013 alone) and even toured the US for six weeks in spring 2014.


A new chapter in the band’s history stared in 2015 after line-up changes Bernays Propaganda is reincarnating with a new sound, new challenges, and new vision. The result is their new album »Politika« (released March 2016) which flirts with electronic new-wave, taking away some of the guitars’ sharp edges, while the pace is dictated by a drum machine. The new material recalls the sound of New Order and other new-wave artists from the early 80s, as well as the sounds of German indietronica in the vein of The Notwist, a band that underwent a similar sound transformation with their album “Neon Golden”.

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