Macedonia / France

jazz / soul

Aneta George is Macedonian composer, singer and pianist, currently living in Paris. She has worked with musicians such as Oscar Salas, Toni Kitanovski, Vasil Hadzimanov, Michelle Hendricks, Charles Turner, Cedric Hanriot, Magic Malik, James Robbins. She has performed in India, South Africa, and all around Europe with her project UnversaLove. 


The new album PLAYGROUND is a collaboration with the French jazz trio of the composer/pianist Martin Milcent is a fusion between the soulful jazz and her Macedonian dramatic melodies with odd rhythms.

"Aneta is a multitalented artist with endless depth of her soul and performance. She is so versatile and sensitive.” - Garo, Tavitjan Jr, composer, producer, drummer

"Aneta has a beautiful blend her spirituality and yearning for mastery that is not only wildly impressive, but inspiring as well. The emotional response her music brings to people is pure and I hope everyone can experience it" - James Robbins (NY), composer, band leader, double bass player.

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